The CDWS Portal Project
What is this site going to provide

1. Create a Public Website (Partly Done)

To explain what CDWS is and who is behind it and what projects have been done etc… with photos and maybe map of schools etc…

Show all projects with photos, etc…

Donation page where people can get information or simply use their credit card to make a payment to the Rotary, simply to become a water fellow

List all sponsors for added recognition

Possibly more to discuss later on

The current website already contains information, I will add more photos and more pages as we go along, I will also add the sponsoring page.

The movie at the top is just a banner to show what we could do, we should replace it with a Bangkok South real case, showing a movie of a system install in a school, interview of people etc… to replace the one I used from the

2. Create a Private System

     easy access to information

  • Rotarians involved from BKK South
  • Rotarians from other clubs supporting us
  • Schools who have or could have a system
  • Supplier of equipment
  • Suppier of maintenance service
  • Systems installed with date of start up service

maintenance requested for all systems

  • Dispatch them to rotary and maintenance locally  
  • Verify maintenance was done
  • Generate alert is water could be contained by   lack  of maintenance

3. Map of Thailand with all Water Systems Installed

schools and systems installed

All schools and systems installed based on GPS Coordinates 

All rotary involved locally 

mouse over to get info (contact etc…)

Possibility to propose an area or location and get a list of all systems in the area to be checked with all relevant information for contact etc..

4. Other Tools

Mobile application on iPhone and Android

We now have a Mobile Application of Routes on iPhone and android. It works the following way:

  • If you are an authorised user of the system, you can see all Schools & systems installed in the region.
  • You can set a project to visit one or more installations this will give you all the details of the location, people, address, phone etc and will create a route on GMAP and previous intervention, access to photos etc...
  • You can follow the map with GPS, you can check in when you get there and you can check out when you leave
  • You can write a report on your phone and we are currently adding the feature by which you can take photos of the system and location to be uploaded to the database.


This could also be added for the service people who have to document what they do to the system for repair and take photos of the work, so there is traceability for work invoiced

  • It will confirm that they were at the exact location through GPS recording

  • It will have the photos of the system before and after repair and the parts you have replaced

  • It will have the time checked in and total time stayed there. 

Marketing Communication

  • I will also have other tools available to run email marketing campaign
  • Place order to supplier - with a request for approval internally 
  • Publish data or statistics on the system and their usage etc...

5. Benefits

Using the system, authorised users will be able to get anyone involve to easily retrieve any system with the date it was installed and maintenance was done etc…

Find any rotary person or club that support any system with all contact numbers

Pick a city or location and find all systems in the vicinity to visit for assessment by rotarians

Find any school on a google map if we want direction

Find photos and details of each installation, etc…

Presentation to RCBS
Friday, 31 January 2020